- Koura Linda

"Brendan is skilled and professional as an actor. More importantly than anything, he takes direction when given and doesn't just give the same take over and over.  He does his homework, and brings his character to set.  From the audition process to picture up, he was and continues to be a pleasure to work with."

"Brendan Healy is a unique talent. As easy on the eyes as he is a supportive and giving scene partner, Brendan strives to always bring his best work to the table. He also makes the most out of down time on set, entertaining cast and crew with stories, jokes, and music."

- Carolyn Boucher

"He's one of the few actors I know that has supreme talent."

- Ben Jendras
                     Director/Editor at mOcean

"The casting directors specifically said his acting was great."

- Claudia Santangelo
Actress/Host/Social Media Specialist